International Society of coloproctology is an impendent association (ISCP) generated to conglomerate, amalgamate & disseminate science of coloproctology unlimited and boundless. There is very high incidence of certain diseases, in different countries. The experts from those countries will have significantly more experience in particular diseases. Bringing such surgeons on one platform will serve to coloproctology significantly. All over world general surgeons are developing required skill to treat coloproctology conditions. All surgeons should have one society globally. Any general surgeon & post graduate physician interested and practicing coloproctology can be a member of our society. In India 55000 general surgeons are practicing and all of them are involved in coloproctolgy practice. Nearly 50% of them can be our members in near future. . Every human being has right to get treatment painless and of short duration. We would like to develop painless procedures for haemorrhoids fissure, fistula & other diseases. Objectives of the ISCP are to give practical training and theoretical advanced information to the general surgeons and proficiency fellowship certificate. In developed countries fellowship courses in coloproctology are conducted but in developing countries still no provision of such courses. ISCP has decided to have fellowship certificate courses for them. ISCP will conduct workshops and give hands on training for all of them. The association will work for elevation of skill of surgeons specially in coloproctology work. Simultaneously the public at large should be benefited. The free service to non affording poor people should be arranged. ISCP is bounded for that. Public education about all health problems will be our priority. The surgeon interested going abroad for advanced training will get assistance from the ISCP. Every year ISCP will conduct annual world congress in coloproctology. There will be CME at district and taluka places, workshops and hands on training for the surgeons interested in fellowship will be arranged. Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress & working together is success..


Dr. Shantikumar D. Chivate


International Society of Coloproctology (ISCP) has carried away five early years of inception bridging gap of communication & expansion in able leadership with continuous participation of all fellow members from different parts of Country. In a very small period of time the society has developed its identity on stressing the need of practical training in Workshop & then imparting theoretical awareness in Coloproctology. In last Five years four workshops were aptly conducted & many fellows were benefitted out of the workshops. We, at the executive body are deeply interested to propagate the scientific knowledge & to serve the community at large at affordable costs with painless tenure of recovery in fulfilling the dreams of patients & Surgeons as well. Every year we have planed CME and half day workshop at different parts of Country along with 3 days fellowship workshop & ISCP Fellowship examination and CME there after & the Wordcon ie. Annual Conference of ISCP. We are in process to have the fellowship in proctology at designated centers in abroad.
Your suggestions to develop, designate & devote are most welcome


Dr. L. D. Ladukar