Fellowship Course

Nearly 30 % of volume of work in general surgery is coloproctology. In developed countries training and specialty courses exist and practiced. In developing countries only few courses are conducted. Most of practicing surgeons have consumed 12 years of their life to get master of surgery. All over India 55000 general surgeons are practicing and nearly same number in developing countries. All of them render their services to large population in their countries. The quality of service will be significantly improved after a course in coloproctology & special training. International society is planning to initiate a fellowship course in developing countries, where no special courses are available for general surgeons. The purpose is very simple, to cater better quality of service, painless service to all human beings.

1. All theory can be conducted on mail by different modules a. Anatomy & Physiology of colon, rectum & anal anal. b. Benign diseases Part I Haemorrhoids, fissures, Suppurated diseases Part Ii Remaining Benign Diseases c. Malignancies d. Functional diseases e. Investigations f. Text books will be provided by ISCP on registration for fellowship. All above syllabus will be covered by MCQ during workshop & hands on training course.

2. Attendance of 0NE CME.

3. Attendance of workshop and hands on training.

4. Annual Conference.

5. Interview & discussion during workshop.