The Society needs the members to support in compiling a good collection of our own articles and videos on Colo-Rectal surgery.. Our surgeons are compared equal if not better than the best in the world. We have huge clusters of such patients aii over India and have similar numbers of experienced Surgeons to meet the medicare requirements so desired to provide relief to the sufferers. As a result we have enormous capability as far as knowledge and experience is concerned and the sharing of this knowledge is much faster than any other place on the World map The advancement in Colo-Rectal surgery has the advantage of early recovery and return to work and most beneficial to our patients who depend on daily bread. Our endeavour and focus should be to spread surgery to every nook and corner of India to reach the poorest of poor in remote areas. We should promote local companies to provide us the equipments at easily affordable prices so that the treatment becomes comparatively cheaper and within easy reach of masses. We need to establish uniformity and high standard of practice and training in colo-rectal surgery. We all have to get together and work towards this goal. The first step towards this is to have an audit of our work. This will give us an insight to look at ourselves and compare with others. The ISCP is a growing and dynamic organization that will continue to play a leading role in the future progress of Colo-Rectal Surgery and advanced technological developments. We invite surgeons to join the ISCP and help us to achieve our aims and objectives. Our strength and influence depend on our membership. By joining the ISCP you will enhance your professional competence and update the latest in the field thus will be able to provide the latest/ advanced quality of surgical care to your patients.

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